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We're the most trusted photo booth hire company in Auckland. Providing high-quality photo booth hire to any event; large or small in Auckland and the surrounding North Island.

Little Black Photo Booth was the first photo booth hire company in Auckland, New Zealand. This means you can rest easy knowing that capturing the memories from your special event is in expert hands.

Pick a photo booth for your event at a glance

Not too sure what booth you want? The great thing is each of our booths are suitable for any kind of event, and you can tailor the experience of each booth to best suit your dream event goals.

Some highlights of some of our photo booths are detailed above. Be sure to check out our full range of booths for more details!

Get your Auckland party started with our modern photo booths for hire:

Our Auckland Photo Booth Hire is the perfect addition to your 21st birthday, wedding or any other event!

We have the largest offering of photo booths in Auckland. Because of our extensive range we can meet the needs of any event – large or small! Whether you want one photo booth for your wedding, or you need multiple branded photo booths for a public activation; we can help.

We offer premium photo booth hire in Auckland, New Zealand

Little Black Photo Booths are sleek and stylish and look the part everywhere – from the largest ballroom to the smallest deck for your at-home celebrations.

Our photo booths look great and you will look even better in your photos! We offer studio lighting, skin smoothing technology, high quality DSLR cameras and fade-proof premium dye sublimation printers.

Professionally designed by award winning photographers and manufactured right here in Auckland; Little Black Photo Booth combines the latest technology in photography, lighting and printing to deliver the best results.

Who are we? We're Classy, Obviously!

Little Black Photo Booth pride ourselves on being flexible, and offering high-quality, bespoke and tailored experiences for any type of event with our classic photobooths.

Our team comprises our event staff, a full-time graphic designer, a full-time technical expert and a full-time customer service ninja. If you’ve seen something somewhere – we can expertly curate an experience for you.

Say hello and let us know your goals for your event, we’d love to hear from you, so get in touch today!

What Our Customers Say

Little Black Photo Booth FAQ's

Firstly, we have the largest range of photo booths in Auckland, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your event!

Additionally, we were the first photo booth company in New Zealand, and have completed over 4000 events.

Our experience and knowledge ensures you will get the highest quality photos and prints of any photo booth in New Zealand.

We use studio quality lighting, DSLR cameras and top-of-the-line dye sublimation printers all tied together with robust industry leading software.

Your booth will function perfectly all event, and you will be left with some amazing, high quality tangible photos and prints capturing special moments from your event.

Our photo booths are all super simple to use. The only hard decisions you have to make are deciding what props you would like from our extensive selection; and whether you want your photo in black and white or colour.

Our Traditional Booths, Standing Booths, and Children’s Booth are operated by pressing one of two buttons. The Glam Booth and Mirror Booth are operated by simply touching the screen.

The booth will then take up to 4 photos. 

Then, while divesting yourself of your latest prop selection from our extensive selection, your printed photos will appear within 15 seconds. 

At this point in time you will either:  A). Shriek with laughter and run around showing all your friends,

Or, B). Grab more props and barge your way to the front of the photo booth queue in order to rectify pose #4 where your false nose slipped sideways just as you were taking the best selfie ever!

The great thing is each of our booths are suitable for any kind of event, and you can tailor the experience of each booth to best suit your dream event goals. However, some booths are more suited to some events than others, and over the years we’ve become experts at recommending the best fit.

Below are some basic recommendations for your events – but don’t feel limited by this! We promise any of the photo booths will be a hit at your event, and of course you can always get in touch with us to talk through your options.

Birthdays / 21st’s: The most popular booth would be the Standing Photo Booth. You can fit up to 10 people, and we offer a 5 hour unattended hire. The Little Glam Booth is also great for the more glamorous 21st events and can be had with one of our shimmer mermaid backdrops.

Weddings: It really comes down to your goals for your special day. The Glam Booth gives you those high-quality, Kardashian-style glam B&W or colour photos. The Mirror Booth is attention grabbing, and gives your guests a unique photo experience. The Standing Photo Booth is great for those smaller, or budget conscious weddings without compromising quality. The Traditional Photo Booth is great for the authentic retro booth experience.

Corporate: For public engagement activations the Traditional Photo Booth would be best – and you can brand the booth by wrapping it or having end panels. For corporate parties, awards or other events the Standing Photo Booth or Glam Booth would both be a great fit. For expos the Mirror Booth is always a show stopper. If brand awareness / immersion is your goal then the Glam Booth is best – it can be fully branded with both front and rear screens, or you can have the rear screen surveying users and capturing their data, or opt to set up instant digital sharing. Each booth can be optionally had with a sharing / data capture station for marketing purposes.

School Balls: For large school balls (300+ guests) we recommend 2x Standing Photo Booths & 1x Traditional Photo Booth – This combination works well because couples use the Traditional Booth, and friend groups use the Standing Booths. For medium school balls (200-300 guests) we recommend either 2x Standing Photo Booth or 1x Standing Booth & 1x Traditional Photo Booth. For smaller school balls (under 200 guests) 1x Standing Photo Booth would be suitable. Please note school balls are limited to only 2x print copies of each photo, but we provide you an online gallery. Any multi-booth school ball will require attendants for crowd management. We are regularly fully booked every weekend during school ball season so it’s best to get in early.

Primary School Discos / Fundraisers / Children’s Birthdays: Little Red Children’s Photo Booth – the only just-for-kids photo booth in New Zealand would be best! Don’t worry, kids of all ages and heights, as well as parents and adults, can fit in the booth due to the adjustable seat heights.

Well, we’ll try not to be offended by your rude question, they are the very best! 

our DSLRs and dye sub-lamination printers are of such exquisite quality we wouldn’t dream of divulging their make lest our unworthy competitors attempt to emulate our unrivalled excellence.

Your photo strips emerge touch-dry and waterproof, within 30 seconds. Ready to be laughed over, passed around and grabbed instantly.

Every photo booth hire comes with a curated selection of some of our trendy, unique and delightful photogenic props which are sure to get the party started and have laughs all around!

Our Contemporary photo booths always come with a friendly attendant to assist your guests with taking photos and to ensure everything runs smoothly; they also come with a backdrop. 

Our Traditional Line of photo booths are so reliable and easy to operate that they don’t need an attendant. We are always available during your booking, and can monitor the photo booth remotely, but you can always request a friendly attendant if you’d like.

You don’t want a troupe of buffoons bumbling a pathway through guests at your special event, do you? Our attendants will slip with silence into your venue and set up your booth with stealth, efficiency and a smile on their face!

We have top secret knowledge of all of Auckland’s happening places. You can trust us to sneak in the back way and appear as if by magic.

We can also have your booth set up before your first guest even has a chance to say “Oooh a photo booth!”. And if you simply can’t bear to watch the photo booth being removed while you are still partying hard, we can come the following day to pack our booth away.

Of course, all of our bookings come with a set of the digital photos. 

We provide you with all of the high-resolution individual images, as well as a digital copy of the printed outputs. The individual images are so high quality that you can print them on a large-format canvas perfectly!

We email you the link to your digital photos the next business day following your event.

There is no limit on the number of photos you can take, so go crazy! 

The same goes for prints; print as many photos as you can over the duration of your booking.

Our Traditional Line of photo booths only print 2x strips of each session, whereas our Contemporary Line of photo booths can print multiple copies (Up to 8) of the session so each person receives a photo. 

Every photo booth booking includes custom tailored design of the photo strip artwork to match your theme by our in-house graphic designer. 

We have a range of layout styles for 6×2″ traditional photo strips and 6×4″ postcards, ranging from one photo to four. You can view the layout selections here!

Our Standing photo booth is the smallest and only requires roughly 1.5 x 1.5 meters, similar to the Traditional photo booth.

The Mirror booth and Glam booth require a little bit more space, because of the backdrop. They need roughly 2.5 x 2.5 meters, as well as a minimum ceiling height of 2.5 meters.

We also require access to one power outlet nearby too. We bring our own tagged and tested extension cords and cord covers to ensure a safe set up, and less for you to worry about!

Why – only the very best acid-free, high gsm, 20-page album. Our bespoke album is a fitting repository for your Little Black Photo Booth prints. It holds up to 80 strips per book with loads of room for special messages from your guests. 

As the prints come out of the booth our lovely attendant will place one copy in the album and invite your guests to leave a message. We provide the silver pens to ensure your guests share their love in style.

This little beauty will be admired by your great-great-grandchildren and beyond.

Well, alright, if you must! But why would you when we can provide you with the classiest dang album you’ll ever find? Plus an experienced professional album-compiler in our wonderful attendant.

Also, if you choose one of our albums, you know you’ll be receiving a gorgeous memento at the end of your function.

Why not relax in the certain knowledge that we have tactfully moved your mother’s bestie’s red wine glass to a nearby table? As well as stopping sticky-fingered young guests flicking through your perfect pages.

Every print can have your name, logo or design around the photos. There is no extra charge for this, as we offer professional graphic design in-house.

The Glam booth has a stunning vertical rear screen which can display a branded graphic or videos. 

The Traditional booth can be completely covered by wrapping the booth in vinyl or coreflute end panels. 

Additionally, you can have custom screens created for you if you would like a full brand emersion experience in the photo booth. 

We can arrange and design any of these experiences for you for a very reasonable cost. For more details, please contact us.

Word has spread far about how amazing we are. This means that at peak times, such as wedding, school ball and Christmas seasons you really should book months in advance.

But, we often have calls midday Friday for a booking happening the next day, because the other photo booth company has pulled out of their booking; and we pull out all the stops to make sure their event goes ahead. So be sure to contact us for your event, no matter how far or close it is.


We have the most photo booths of any company in Auckland, so multi-booth and multi-day hires are our specialty.

Certainly! It is crucial that you advise Little Black Photo Booth if your venue has stairs and no elevator before confirming your booking.

For small venues our Standing Photo Booth has the smallest footprint.

For venues that are upstairs or have difficult access the Standing Photo Booth or the Glam Photo Booth are best, as they are compact, lightweight and able to be carried in by hand.

We assess this on a case-by-case basis, so it is best to get in touch with us directly to liaise your outdoor function!

We are well versed with outdoor events – We have our own gazebo and generator for such events, so it can be arranged.